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In response to the needs expressed by Yukon First Nations, the Training Policy Committee (TPC) has developed a new online hub - Wayfinder. Now you can find job postings, training and funding information, and Yukon First Nation specific resources, all in one place. Check it out at WayfinderYukon.ca!
What You Will FindTraining & Employment NewsletterService Providers
What You Will Find

Wayfinder is the Yukon’s first-ever training and employment website designed and built specifically for Yukon First Nations people. Visit the site to find:  

Cultural events & local career info - Along with being a hub for career-related info,
Wayfinder also includes events that support and celebrate Yukon First Nations'
culture. Check back regularly to see what’s up.

Local jobs & training
- Wayfinder can connect job seekers, and others looking to upgrade or add to their skills, with local employment and training opportunities, so you don’t need to leave the Yukon.

Funding - You’ve found an interesting training course, but you need financial support to do it. Funding organizations regularly upload their programs to Wayfinder, which means it’s the best place to find training funding information that is current and is relevant to the Yukon. Check back often!

Tools & resources - Why start from scratch if you don’t have to? Wayfinder has an always-growing collection of resources developed by and for Yukon First Nations. You’ll find helpful tools, details on proven programs, templates to take and make your own, and more.

Do you have on-the-job resources to share? Training to recommend? See something missing? We would love to hear from you! Contact us.

Training & Employment E-newsletter

Wayfinder houses the latest local training and employment opportunities for Yukon First Nations. By subscribing you will receive an e-newsletter with these exciting opportunities every two weeks.

Why should I sign up to the e-newsletter?

Wayfinder is continually being updated with current content direct from employers, trainers and funders so you have easy access to the latest information.

- Stay up to date on the latest local training and jobs
- Save time browsing multiple sites, searching for training, funding and resources
- See all Yukon First Nation specific job postings in just one click

If you have subscribed to the Wayfinder e-newsletter through the link provided on the website, you consent to receiving electronic communications from the Training Policy Committee.  If you no longer wish to receive the Wayfinder e-newsletter you may unsubscribe at any time by clinking the link at the bottom of the e-newsletter or contacting the Training Policy Committee at 4230 4th Ave, Suite 6, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 1K1 or by emailing us at: info@tpcyukon.ca or by calling 867-668-3813.

Service Providers

A Service Provider refers to any individual or organization registered to the site for the purpose of providing content. Service Providers include but are not limited to funders, employers, training providers, as well as individuals and organizations with relevant resources to share.    

Service Providers can upload content directly to the site, allowing you to manage your message. All you need to do is register to the site. Once your account is approved you can start uploading your training events, funding programs, job postings or resources. Discover what Wayfinder can do for you:

For employers
For employers, Wayfinder is a way to reach First Nation job seekers who are actively looking for employment and are already right here in the Yukon. It’s also a place your employees can discover local training opportunities, so they can build skills without the cost, inconvenience and interruption of leaving the territory.

For trainers and funders
If you’re looking to reach local First Nations with your funding, training or other programs and services, Wayfinder is where they’ll be looking. The website is actively promoted specifically to Yukon First Nations, and it’s a great way to get your message out to exactly that audience, free of charge.  

For First Nation governments, organizations and businesses
Wayfinder is an exciting opportunity for Yukon First Nations governments, organizations and corporations to collectively build a robust library of resources such as tools, templates and more. Quick and easy access to resources developed by and for Yukon First Nations will save your staff time and money by not reinventing the wheel.

Get started now
Registering for a profile to post your content is fast and simple. Visit Wayfinder for more information or the registration page to get started.

For more details, visit the FAQs page at WayfinderYukon.ca. You can also contact us. We’d love to hear from you.